Our vision of medicine and patient

In Clínica Dr. Gálvez, made a medicine based on the recovery and maintenance of the most valuable resources for health: homeostasis.

Homeostasis is the ability that has the body to regain inner balance. They are biological responses that starts to adapt to the changes that is constantly exposed.

Homeostasis is the biological programming which has been defined the evolution of the species on our body. This biological programming configured our nervous system to establish responses scheduled at the appereance of each stimulus, answers of which we are unaware because they are performed by the autonomic nervous system, but that if they do not occur, lead us to get sick.

This neuronal programming follows a binary design that will be determined by the activation or no activation of neurons. So if there is a functional neural blockade, will be lost operational capacity on your biological computer. If, each time more paralyzed neurons, body will run worse and get sick.

The Neuroactivación transcutánea (NaT), is a new treatment of physical medicine, which is part of the scientific area of the applied neurophysiology. It is based in Medical Physiology, and particularly in cell physiology and nervous system.

This treatment allows you to get the activation of neurons that have been blocked functionally.

The nervous system regulates the operation of each organ and tissue, and the integration of all of them so they work as a coordinated team, who keep health.

NaT is a new way of doing medicine, because active neurons, it promotes the recovery of homeostasis, which is a great therapeutic advantage, since it allows us to have as an ally, in the healing process, the inimitable and extraordinary ability of the organism to maintain, and restore health.

To perform the treatment NaT we use tools of medicine physical, like the device, NAT. M, which we have developed for this purpose.

This allows us to act on the physical body, through neuronal activation and a directed ion mobilization, in order to free the body of biological waste that make him sick.

NaT allows us to make a personalized medicine, safe and effective; respects with the body and with the patient; not invasive and without side effects, or undesirable.

But our work not only takes into account the alterations which have been established on the physical body, but also attends and is the dimension psycho-emotional and mental patient, because all of them have to be considered as factors that may influence the generation of disease, and therefore must also act on them in the process that may lead to recovery or to keep it back into play.

We try to make a medicine that is also educational, and that helps patients to learn how to not get sick, and to prevent and correct biological habits, behavioural and psycho-emotional that they can harm them.