Effects of NaT

Effects of NaT

NAT also serves for treat with success others diseases, because the system nervous is the great regulator of the body, because of it depends on the operation of each organ and tissue, it detects the needs of each cell and puts up the appropiate biological answers in each time. INDICATIONS section provides more information about some of the diseases that improve or recover to be treated with NaT.

There are many factors that can alter our medium internal and block functionally parts of the system nervous; This gives place to mismatches biological that will make appear symptoms and diseases. When this happens, NaT, acts to restore optimal biological conditions of a nervous system active and effective, and in doing so reclaimed the best ally for the maintenance of health, homeostasis, which is the faculty that has the body to re-establish the biological balance.

NaT is also a treatment non-invasive, painless, respectful of the body, which has no secondary or undesirable effects.

Physiological bases of NaT

Physiological bases of NaT

Health depends on maintaining in functioning information system of the body, which is the nervous system.

For the nervous system works correct, it needs that their basic units (neurons) are ready to be activated.

Neurons can be functionally locked if bioelectrical conditions of the extracellular fluid surrounding them change, because of the activation capacity of themselves depends on the relationship between ionic concentration of extracellular fluid and the intracellular. An excessive concentration of positive ions in the extracelular liquid will be cause enough and determinant for inactivate the neurons and prevent the progression of its electric signal that allows carry information from its origin place to its destination.

The effects of this functional block, can affect neurons in any part of the body, giving rise to the loss of function in biological structures that depend on them, the same way but will have a greater impact if involvement occurs on neurons of the central nervous system, because this result of anatomical and functional characteristics, limited has the ability to reverse excess extracellular ion concentration which gives rise to that after a certain period of time, are considered as definitive the sequelae that still remain in the patient.

NaT treatment activates neurons that have been functionally blocked by re-establishing the ion concentration in the extracellular fluid, and it is made through the application of electrical micro-currents on skin, shape and painless, and with improvements that can occur even though several years have passed since the appearance of involvement.

In depth

In depth…

The effect of NaT treatment is based on responsible functional neurons lock ions which are electrically charged particles, so it can be moved within an electric field.

NaT treatment takes advantage of this circumstance to through the generation of polarities induced electrically, at specific points on the patient’s skin, promoting the movement of ions accumulated in excess, in the extracellular fluid of affected neurons, and lead them to physiological drainage pathways (lymphatic vessels) so they can be promptly evacuated to the bloodstream blood, from which will be subsequently filtered by the kidneys, and finally disposed of the body with the urine.

There are many factors that can increase the extracellular concentration of positive ions, e.g.: vascular injury (stroke, etc.), trauma physical and metabolic deficits, bad habits, etc.

The body has a system for the collection and disposal of biological waste, and from cellular metabolism. This system is the lymphatic system and its performance is fundamental for the maintenance of health, because its failure will bring the functional block of neurons, and this will entail dysfunctions and impoverishment of homeostasis.

But the lymphatic system, is a very fragile system, whose activity can be easily, weakened because it has not, with the existence of an engine that drives its content, as it is the case with the other great vascular system of the body (the blood vascular system or circulatory system), which has the heart, a powerful engine that continuously pumps the blood to the tissues.

The propulsion of the ions in the lymphatic system depends on less powerful factors, and that they are likely to be reduced when the sick patient, as the muscular activity of the individual and electrical phenomena related to the activity of the nervous system.

The loss of functional capacity of the lymphatic system, will result in the accumulation of biological residues in the extracellular fluid, which in turn will lead to neuronal blockade with the consequent decrease in responsiveness to the needs of the body and to the impoverishment of homeostasis. Said of another way, this will bring as consequence the appearance of symptoms and various clinical signs as: pain, organic dysfunction, and in biological definitive deterioration and aging.

But to correct this negative dynamic, NaT acts as an external engine that propels the lymphatic content taking advantage of new technology application external to the organism, environmentally friendly and in a safe way, but powerful and decisive, helping to the physiology of the organism to keep which is one of the fundamental pillars for the maintenance of the health, the biological waste disposal, and whose importance is crucial to continue with the inimitable help representing homeostasis.

Thanks to this revolutionary system of treatment, we can help the body to cope with different, more physiological, global and preventive diseases.

Then put some examples that facilitate the understanding of how this physiological and homeostasica medicine opens new therapeutic possibilities.

Pain treatments

Action of NaT in the treatment of the pain

The pain, is information that provides us the nervous system when conditions bioelectrical of your environment are inadequate due to Ionic overload. It is a protection mechanism which aims to make that we reduce the activity of the affected area, to give time to their recovery, and avoid the use of tissues in poor condition causes lesions in theirselves.

NaT thanks to its mechanism of action, through the mobilization of ions accumulated in excess at the affected site, is able to correct this problem, and restore ideal biological conditions ideal, so it improves patients, without the use of drugs that mask the perception of pain.

Osteoarthritis gives an example of chronic pain, a degenerative disease which presents with pain and limited mobility.

Arthritis pain is result of the accumulation of ions from the friction of structures joints that they are not consistent as they were when they were healthy, if not that as a result of the evolution and the progressive deformation suffered over time, rubbing to move and give rise to particles (ions) that accumulates locally, in the local extracellular fluid. This triggers the inflammatory reaction, which is the biological response that sets in motion the body to combat this Ionic excess, and that inflammation increases the blood flow to the area and thus enriched the contribution of oxygen, which with its two negative valences, is chemically ideal for joining the positive ions of calcium , phosphorus, etc., and thus facilitate their elimination from the area, to take them to the bloodstream blood to be subsequently filtered and eliminated through the kidneys.

NaT treatment uses the mechanism of action by induced polarity, to propel the overload of ions in the area by the lymphatics, cleaning waste joint. The lymph are the via priority, chosen by the body as the solution more effective to the accumulation of waste interstitial.

When disappear the trigger element of inflammation, it will also disappear this, and with her pain and other signs that accompany it.

The patient will recover mobility without resorting to drugs that mask the pain as ions that provoked it already have disappeared.

This treatment does not disappear the deformity of the joints, but it cleans the ionic residues that produce pain, and functional alterations that help speed its deterioration, such as e.g. joint instability, lack of neural response, which is responsible for increasing friction and thus the progressive deterioration of surfaces joint.

Patients with arthritis, improve their quality of life, and may return to walk without pain and without drugs, although it is a chronic illness, they will require a session of maintenance, whose frequency depends on the degree of prior damage, to keep your joints in the best possible conditions.

In the same way that NaT removes the inflammation in osteoarthritis, is equally effective with it, when it appears in the context of other diseases, because this is always the biological mechanism of correction Ionic excess, and the aid that provides NaT makes it unnecessary. The inflammation disappears to drain the excess ions in the area, then disappears the problem that triggered it.

Brain injuries

Action of NaT in the treatment of patients with brain injury

Whenever there is a lesion brain, is produces the break of the affected cells. The biological material that was in the interior of these neurons, will be freed in the extracellular fluid, and will be invading the fluid surrounding neurons around the area of injury. This material in solution altered the conditions that are necessary for healthy neurons can be activated again.

As result there will be functional lock, healthy neurons, making part of the consequences that these patients, are the result of pollution that this material produces. This functional block can leave hundreds of lasting or even permanently inactive neurons.

The biological processes that may cause this situation are: cerebral vascular accident (AVC), stroke, traumatic, infectious processes, etc.
But the functional block of affected neurons, can be corrected with the treatment of neurophysiology, NaT, which, through the mobilization of ion excess that originates it, towards physiological drainage routes, get the re-establishment of ideal bioelectrical conditions so that these neurons can return to work, thereby decreasing the sequelae of these patients, even though several years have passed since the disease was presented.

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