NaT has shown to have an important role in the process of recovery of various pathologies of this area, by its activator functional effect, since deleting ionic excesses of the affected areas, it has a positive impact on several of the elements involved in many of these pathologies, because:

To improve the activity of the nervous system in the area, it allows:

  • Recover the functions of ligaments and joint capsules, bringing greater stability to articulate.
  • Improve neuromuscular response and motor coordination.
  • Improve the autonomic activity, favouring the vascularization of the area and oxygenation of tissues.
  • Improve motor and sensory peripheral nerve activity.
  • It also helps to relax the muscles, decreasing the adverse effect of excessive traction and thrusts, causing the contractions, thus facilitating the recovery process.
  • Decrease inflammation physiologically.
  • Improve lymphatic drainage.

 It is important to tell that NaT does not solve the structural problems of bone or joint, to which orthopaedic or surgical treatments will be required.

Diseases of the spinal spine:

Protrusions and herniations

Root impingement

Desmoid and muscle problems:

Strains the joints, recurrent dislocations (eg. of shoulder), capsulitis, contractures, tendinitis, bursitis, etc.

Diseases of bones and joints:

Artrosis (mejora del dolor y la movilidad)

Osteoporosis (improves neuromuscular activity, tendons over bones traction stimulates its improvement and strengthening)

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