To activate the neurons, NaT acts on the nervous system, which is involved in all of the organic functions. This new tool of treatment allows to obtain results that until now seemed impossible in very diverse pathologies.

In our more than 20 years of experience with this technique we have proven their effectiveness and excellent results in:


The Neuroactivación Transcutánea allows you to treat a wide variety of neurological pathologies with excellent results.
The recovery functional is visible in injury brain (stroke, PCI, TCE…), Parkinson, sclerosis Multiple, facial paralysis and in lesions with involvement of peripheral nerves, both sensitive as motor (involvement of the sciatic nerve, circumflex nerve, etc.)

It is important to clarify that this treatment does not stop the degenerative processes, but it does allow the patient restore quality of life, since it helps to decrease the sequelae.


The pain, is information that provides us the nervous system when bioelectrical conditions of your environment are inadequate due to ionic overload. It is a protection mechanism which aims to make that we reduce the activity of the affected area, to give time to their recovery, and avoid the use of tissues in poor condition causes lesions in theirselves.
Thanks to its mechanism of action, and through the mobilization of ions accumulated in excess at the affected site, NaT is able to correct this problem, and restore ideal biological conditions, so it improves patients, without the use of drugs that mask the perception of pain.
NaT has shown its efficacy in the treatment of very different pains: neuralgia, as the of the trigeminal, migraine headache, osteoarthritis, etc.


NaT, has shown to play an important role in the process of recovery of various pathologies of this area, by its activator functional effect, since deleting ionic excesses of the affected areas, it has a positive impact on several of the elements involved in many of these diseases., because the NaT…

It is important to tell that NaT does not solve the structural problems of bone or joint, to which orthopaedic or surgical treatments will be required.



Vascular regulation, also depends on the nervous system, which is in charge of induce vasoconstriction or vasodilation timely at each time, so that the body can adapt to the needs of the patient (providing more blood when there is more activity) and environmental conditions (contributing less to reduce temperature loss when cold).
To activate the neurons responsible for this function, NaT is effective for improving circulatory diseases cause neurogenic; for example, intermittent claudication.

It is important to tell NaT does not solve the structural problems of vascular, such as varicose veins or aneurysms, which will require surgical treatment.


The nervous system is great regulator of the body, it depends on the operation of each organ and tissue, and therefore if there is functional blocking of the neurons responsible for a particular area, will lead to biological imbalances that will appear symptoms and diseases.
Thanks to its capacity of activation neuronal, NaT allows that those cells that, without having been damaged, are blocked, can recover its functionality, promoting a remarkable improvement of organs and tissues.


Some diseases and treatments leave effects not desired. We refer in particular to the very aggressive treatments, such as chemotherapy, major surgery or even diseases or processes stressful or strenuous.
In all these cases, NaT treatment has been very effective in helping to achieve a fast biological recovery.


Many sports injuries are due to traction, friction or excess mechanical activity, between anatomical structures, since these factors produce an excessive accumulation of biowaste that is result of the exertion of the anatomical structures involved. This increases the concentration of ions in their tissues affected and blocks functionally their nerves of the area, producing pain and decrease of the force and the control of their movements.
NaT treatment restores ideal biological conditions, to remove Ionic excesses accumulated, allowing more efficient and diverse sports injury recovery.