Dr. Manuel Gálvez Gámiz


“In my 30 years of practice, I have combined my professional activity
as a practicing physician with University Professor, Manager of Health Projects
and researcher in the field of physical medicine and Medical Physiology.”

  • Medical Clinical and researcher. Professor of Physiology and Psychobiology.
    Manager of Health Projects.
  • Project Director of “NaT Medicina y Tecnología.”
  • Founder and Director of the Clinic of physical medicine “Clínica Dr. Gálvez”,
    where we have developed, over more than 25 years,
    the NaT treatment technique.

“The possibility of helping people was always my biggest motivation,
and for this reason i became a doctor.”

“I have dedicated my work to find a way to make medicine that would be respectful with the human organism, and also that will benefit without creating secondary or undesirable effects.

The research we have developed have allowed us to make the treatment of many chronic diseases, in a different way, without drugs, relying on the unique healing ability of the body (homeostasis) and results that exceed our most optimistic forecasts.

Now, after having dedicated more than 25 years to the development of NaT treatment, facing chronic diseases that limit the life and happiness of patients and their families, and I’m greatly pleased to have contributed to find an effective way of improving many health problems, for which it was believed that there was no option.

During all we have put all our effort, knowledge, skills and resources, available to this project.

I hope that someday in the near future, could be get these physical medicine treatments to more patients, because there is nothing more wonderful that to see how the illusion floods in the face of a child with child brain paralysis that checks as he begins to control their movements, or the face of the parents of an autistic child who begins to speak and communicate or the patients with a brain injury or spinal cord injury that it regains the control of his body parts.

I would like to thank my team of collaborators (engineers, physiotherapists, phycologists and nurses…) its commitment and support throughout this journey. Without his dedication and effort this project could not have come so far.”



  • Degree in Medicina y Cirugía, from the Universidad Autónoma of Barcelona since 1.987.
  • Master in Psiquiatría Social, from the Universidad of Barcelona since 1992.
  • Master in Gestión Gerencial Hospitalaria from EADA, since 1990.
  • Master in Documentación Médica from ID2 – Generalitat de Catalunya, since 1992.
  • Realization of GIR / Unió Catalana d’Hospitals) from Quinta de Salud de la Alianza (1991-1993).
  • Diploma in Estudios Avanzados de Psicobiología, from the Universidad Abat Oliba, CEU, since 2006.
  • Advisor for consulting companies “Manager Care S.L.”
    • Projects of health and technological innovation in different countries (Japan, Mexico, Uruguay, etc.)
    • Lecturer and trainer of health professionals, international projects in various countries of North and South America.
    • For the implementation of hospital clinical information systems GRD’s.
    • Technical Advice in Public Hospitals (Servicio Nacional de Salud).
  • Founder of the clinic of physical medicine “Clínica Dr. Gálvez”. 1997.
  • Head of the course of access of the Universitat Internacional de Catalunya (UIC), and member of the Committee of experts that developed the basis for the creation of the University. 1996-1997.
  • First Secretary of the Facultad de Ciencias de la Salud in Universidad Internacional de Catalunya (UIC). 1997-1999.
  • Organizational start-up Manager of the Facultad de Ciencias de la Salud in Universidad Internacional de Catalunya.
  • Associate Professor, various subjects in the Universidad Internacional de Catalunya (UIC) for dentistry, nursing and physiotherapy degrees, from 1997 to 2004.
  • Professor of Psychobiology I and Psychobiology II, in the Facultad de Psicología of the Universidad Abat Oliba (UAO), from 2003 to 2009.
  • Creator of the theory of the pathological hyperpolarization, which gives physiological basis to the creation of electrophysiology for neural recovery machines “NaT.M” in 1993.
  • He has developed the method of treatment NaT (Neuro activación transcutánea). From 1993 to the present.
Dr. Manuel Gálvez